Warehouse Systems

Warehouse management systems (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are extremely important components for a fully optimized warehouse facility. Most WMS/ERP systems had their base codes written in the late 1990s. Because of this, we’ve partnered with Rad Apps to evaluate, improve, and upgrade your warehouse system to the newest, state-of-the-art software. The newer platforms are more capable, with more robust features, to better support the most complex warehouse designs and system needs.

Warehouse storage systems are more important today than ever before. Because space and labor are more costly, the days of adding a few more people or finding inexpensive offsite storage are gone. Storage systems must be synthesized with picking and replenishing processes to control overhead costs without losing productivity. With the overwhelming variety of systems to choose from, IWS West, Inc will help you choose the best system for your specific warehouse needs. The right warehouse system will ensure the highest ROI while avoiding wasteful operating costs.

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Benefits of Integrated Warehouse Systems

When all of your systems, designs, and labor are synthesized, warehouse facilities are able to run at maximum efficiency. Storage and warehouse systems are best integrated after we have implemented the warehouse design. If you need assistance with either system, we have strategic partners to assist you with your specific challenges.

Our expert team and partners specialize in the following aspects of warehouse systems:

  • Upgrade Platforms
  • Inventory Management
  • Directive Put-Away
  • Integrate All Steps in Your Supply Chain
  • Pick Processes
  • Replenishment Rates

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Equipment Analysis and Integration

Supply-chain processes involve equipment, labor, and design. We maintain strong working relationships with industry-leading companies to help speed up the implementation of your equipment needs for the new warehouse system and design.

Below we have identified six specific material handling storage solutions to address some of the many challenges warehouse facilities are facing today:

Selective Racks

Selective racks are the most common storage system. They combine good selectivity with reasonable cost. They are easy to reconfigure to meet changing business demands. As long as they have been engineered correctly, they are easy to get approved by city inspectors.


  • Selectivity: Great
  • Replenishment: Great
  • Code Compliance: Fair
  • Holding Cost: Fair
  • Density: Good

High Capacity Storage Systems

Best utilized when storing high volumes of product with the same SKU, high capacity storage systems can streamline picking and processing times. However, if not used in the correct situations, they become operational nightmares, increasing labor costs and pick times. For these systems, we curate sales and inventory data to determine if these space-saving systems are right for your warehouse.


  • Selectivity: Good
  • Replenishment: Fair
  • Code Compliance: Fair
  • Holding Cost: Good
  • Density: Great

Pick Modules – High Density Pick Systems

Ideal for large SKU counts of small items, pick modules to emphasize selectivity and holding cost. IWS West, Inc. has designed, permitted, and installed most of these types of systems so we have the know-how to get these systems functioning with minimal stress on your part.

We help you decide which system makes the most financial sense with data-driven simulations and results.


  • Selectivity: Great
  • Replenishment: Great
  • Code Compliance: Fair
  • Holding Cost: Great
  • Density: Great


IWS West, Inc. understands that an optimized warehouse solution cannot exist without including the proper lift equipment, and we have decades-long partnerships with industry-leading forklift companies.

Not only are we well-versed in the latest available technology, but we also show you how these various options will impact your specific system and its efficiencies.


Conveyors can reduce pick times by 200% or more by eliminating the need for product transportation to a processing area. They are most effective when integrated with storage and pick systems. By indexing the belt to the processors, conveyors are capable of generating high volume of small piece orders for any warehouse. If you would like more information on how the use of conveyor may increase your warehouse productivity, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help you.


Mezzanines are warehouse solutions for scalability and growth. When space is getting tight and bulky items need to be stored, mezzanines create additional processing areas or warehouse offices. Installing mezzanines can be expensive on the front-end because they often require building upgrades including (but not limited to) footings, lighting, sprinklers, and parking spaces. Mezzanines are extremely valuable and have large space cost saving under the right situations.

Our expert designers and system installers can help you decide if it’s time to install a mezzanine, or if relocating the warehouse for space needs is more prudent. Both options account for scalability, pick times, processing times, safety, and code compliance.

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