About Us

IWS West, Inc. specializes in designing and installing complex distribution centers. Based in Southern California, we provide expertise in modern warehouse system technology, warehouse design, warehouse safety, and code compliance.

Since we opened our doors in early 2000, we have evolved with our customers to solve the challenges associated with consumer order fulfillment and ever-changing code compliance. What does that mean for you? We deliver solutions that balance space and labor utilization with equipment cost that best meets your operational needs and budget.

Our team is here to partner with your company to develop and execute a data-driven plan to optimize your supply chain. Our combined 50 years of experience and automated tools ensure we capture the correct data, review appropriate processes, and analyze equipment options to employ the right design for the greatest results

Our Mission


Our expertise is warehouse optimization. Your expertise is growth and profits. We’re here to assist in keeping the collaborative team focused on the industry-proven steps to optimize your supply chain, allowing your team to remain focused on your business demands.

Our mission is to become your supply chain advocate—to create a warehouse that meets your specific business demands. Our team designs scalable solutions for warehouse processes with special attention to minimizing the space and labor needed to properly manage the product from receiving dock to shipping dock. Our industry standardsetting specializations cover all levels of planning, development, research, integration, and implementation.

IWS West is committed to helping you optimize your warehouse production and profits. We partner with your company in a consultation role, but really we harness our expertise that accounts for everything—relocation, optimization, safety, code compliance, and equipment. IWS West believes that anything worth doing is worth doing the right way. Our designs and plans ensure that your company will only have to go through this process once so that you can focus on growth and scalability over the next five years.

Do we sound like a good fit?

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