Integrated Warehouse Solutions

Prides itself on being a “Turn-Key” Warehouse Systems Integrator

Our Mission

To forge collaborative partnerships with our clients to ensure warehouse designs and systems that synthesize today’s needs with tomorrow’s growth. Our partnerships provide efficient, data-driven warehouse designs and systems that better control inventory, increase productivity, minimize operational costs, and keep workers safe.

IWS West, Inc’s goal is to create optimized, high-performance warehouses through teamwork, solutions, and designs to create a project that is uniquely tailored to each client’s specific warehouse needs. Once the design has been implemented, and the warehouse system is functional, clients have access to real-time data and tracking to ensure that the warehouse continues to operate optimally with a five-year scalable model.

Our Services

Warehouse Designs

A modern warehouse design utilizes equipment to increase productivity, control operational cost, maximize warehouse space, adhere to safety standards & code compliance and work within the company’s budgetary constraints.

Warehouse Systems

There are many new warehouse systems that are available to control specific warehouse constraints. IWS West, Inc. understands the features, benefits and pitfalls of each system.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“After a successful warehouse implementation, our facility went from 21 warehouse employees and 3 days to fulfill and ship orders to 12 warehouse employees and 1 day to fulfill and ship orders.”

Bret T.

“IWS West, Inc.’s team approach made sure every phase of the process was thoroughly completed. From the warehouse design, installation to final permit approval the entire team was professional and very experienced in warehouse integration.”

Ken S.

“IWS West, Inc. formatted our sales and sku data in a way that allowed us to understand what size warehouse and storage systems would work best for our new facility.”

Joe M.