About This Project

Storage Needs: Customer sells aerospace hardware. Each batch of hardware needs to be traced by lot and date of manufacture. Selectivity and replenishment are critical in the management of the inventory and controlling labor cost due to the number of part and lot numbers that need to be precisely managed.


  • High Capacity 8’ Beams
  • 60” Deep Uprights for Product Storage on each Side
  • Wire Decks
  • Low Picking Height on both Levels
  • Easy Height Adjustments
  • Convey Product to Upper Levels and Back of System. Convey Product to Processing Area
  • Full Pallet Drop Off on Second Level
  • Customer Slotted Product Location by Velocity and Part Size


  • Easy Selectivity
  • Easy Replenishment
  • Great Productivity
  • Great Space Utilization
  • Product Stored in Location to Meet its Demand and Size
  • Quick Replenishment and Pick Times Using Conveyor and Pallet Drop Off Zone

Aerospace Hardware

Type of Material Handling System

Two Level Pick Module with Conveyor